Social Media Starters Guide

social media starters guide

Following are the essential steps to get you started with social media implementation. This is not intended to be a complete guide but rather a roadmap to identify the initial steps in the implementation process. This assumes you have already committed to social media as an organization and have mapped out your strategy. If that’s not […] Read more »

Social Media for Business and Sporting Events Marketing

In this video, I join Jim Harshaw of Riot Sports Marketing to discuss the impact that social media is having on event marketing, specifically within sports. Much of these lessons also translate well to business events. Some key points to highlight: Twitter allows people to engage in a live event in real-time.  This is especially […] Read more »

How Can Social Media Benefit You as a Business Owner?

social media fish for business owners

A recent Nielsen survey showed that globally people spent an average of more than five and a half hours per month on social networking sites in December 2010, an 82% increase year-over-year. For business owners, Social Media is important for several reasons.  One, social media enables companies to connect with their target market, either locally […] Read more »

Define Your Company’s Social Media Strategic Business Objectives Prior to Making a Significant Investment

social media strategic business objectives

Defining your company’s social media strategic business objectives prior to making a significant investment is good sense.  Like any marketing initiative, you should define what success will look like before jumping off the deep end. Because social media is so broad and potentially resource intensive this is especially true.  The fact is, a universally accepted […] Read more »

Corporate Facebook Pages Proliferate and Attract Loyal Customer Base

corporate facebook pages attract loyal customers

Corporate Facebook Pages continue to proliferate as more companies embrace the world’s largest social network and attempt to engage their market in what’s shaping up to be a very significant communications channel. Customers who became a fan of DG on Facebook ended up being more loyal. Although they spent the same amount of money per […] Read more »

3 Reasons to Comment on 5 Blog Posts Per Day

commenting on blog posts

Creating your own unique content is well known as the best method to drive traffic to your website and share your knowledge on a given topic.  It should not be considered work.  Think is it more as an outlet for you to discuss what you’ve learned lately or explore a new topic in depth. Another […] Read more »

Increase Your Social Media Efficiency (Video)

Social media is more popular than ever and serves as a valuable channel for people and companies to connect and engage online. As we learn the power of these tools, we often get overwhelmed with the thought of visiting each individual site to update our followers and engage in conversation on a regular basis. Worse, […] Read more »