Try Facebook Sponsored Stories instead of traditional Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

By now, you have probably heard about, seen, or tried Facebook Ads. Just login to Facebook – they’re the stuff on the right side of the screen. If you’re trying to market something on Facebook, Facebook Ads are a great and very popular means with which to get your brand in front of millions of […] Read more »

6 Ways to Improve Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are a great way to leverage the largest social media platform and connect with folks in your target market. Here are some tactics I’ve been using to improve my business Facebook Page and those of my clients. 1. Consistently post new content. If people have “liked your page they’ve basically given you permission to […] Read more »

7 Tools to Increase Social Media Efficiency and Save A Ton of Time

Google Reader

Nearly everyone agrees that social media is a great way to reach and communicate with your market online.  Weather it’s through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, direct access to your target market has never been easier.  The challenge, of course, is finding the time and resources to make the process efficient and effective. Following is my […] Read more »

How Can Social Media Benefit You as a Business Owner?

social media fish for business owners

A recent Nielsen survey showed that globally people spent an average of more than five and a half hours per month on social networking sites in December 2010, an 82% increase year-over-year. For business owners, Social Media is important for several reasons.  One, social media enables companies to connect with their target market, either locally […] Read more »

Search Engine Optimization: Back to Basics

Search engine optimization is the process of implementing on-page and off-page tactics to drive search engine results placement.  In other words, the stuff you do to help your site show up on Google. Long-tail keywords refer to the combination of terms into a phrase that represents your site, your products and services, etc.  Think of […] Read more »

Build a content distribution strategy, not a Twitter or social media strategy (Google Real-Time Search)

The recent news of Google real-time search inspired me to share my thoughts on content and how we share information on the Internet.  For those of you not up to speed, Google real-time search provides a subset of real-time search results within the standard results for popular keywords searches.  Google real-time search includes Twitter, Facebook, […] Read more »

Seven Elements of an Effective Blog to Drive Traffic, Engage Customers and Stay Organized (Video)

Blogging is a great channel to deliver content online, deliver your message and engage in meaningful discussions with your target market. One of the challenges for bloggers is their ability to make their blog more effective and efficient. In this video I discuss my recommendations on seven elements to drive effective blogging. There are more […] Read more »