Facebook Via – Twitter Retweet Meets Facebook Allowing Friends to Easily Share Content

Niche Facebook Ads

It was only launched last night, but I’m already seeing use of Facebook’s new share feature or “via”.  It basically allows you to share links from your friends’ posts, add your own commentary and give credit to your friend’s original post. Generally speaking I think this will go over well, due to the limited nature […] Read more »

Twitter Search RSS Feeds to Find Customers and Blog Content (Video)

Filter Twitter Search Results

In this video I show you how to use Twitter Search to find people in your niche, answer questions, and find new content for your next blog post. In particular I illustrate how to: search twitter for leading indicators of questions use exact phrase match to narrow in on the right tweets save the RSS […] Read more »

Use Twitter and Facebook to Market and Grow Your Business (Video)

Twitter and Facebook can help grow your business online. These are the two most popular social media marketing networks and if use appropriately you can effectively find and engage customers in conversation. Maybe you want to provide customer support or communicate new offers in a timely basis. The key is these platforms offer a place […] Read more »