Video Marketing for Affiliate Program Marketing

Online video is everywhere thanks to YouTube, increased bandwidth and the proliferation of smart phones & compact video recorders. It’s succeeding because at the end of the day people prefer to watch content online as a form of entertainment rather than read. It just seems more natural. To get started, sign up for a YouTube […] Read more »

My New Video Introduction for New Site Media

keynote build for custom video introduction

I do a lot of video – some for this blog and some for my company at New Site Media.  I’ve tried a variety of video introductions using some of the preconfigured transitions in iMovie but thought it was time to get a little creative and make my own from scratch.  I considered using Fiverr […] Read more »

Differentiate Yourself And Your Business For Online Market Leadership

Differentiate Yourself And Your Business For Market Leadership - YouTube

I’ve been thinking a lot about online market leadership lately and what businesses can do to differentiate themselves online. You see, it’s so crowded on Twitter and Facebook and blogs these days that it’s tough sometimes to stand out from the crowd. How do I differentiate myself and my business? Personally, it’s all about pushing […] Read more »

Social Media for Business and Sporting Events Marketing

In this video, I join Jim Harshaw of Riot Sports Marketing to discuss the impact that social media is having on event marketing, specifically within sports. Much of these lessons also translate well to business events. Some key points to highlight: Twitter allows people to engage in a live event in real-time.  This is especially […] Read more »

3 Reasons to Consider Video Marketing for Your Business

In this video, I join Jim Harshaw of Riot Sports Marketing to discuss 3 reasons why businesses should consider using video marketing as a powerful marketing channel to communicate with their market online. Three main reasons are: YouTube is the #2 search engine on the Internet.  More than ever, people are relying on video to […] Read more »

Leverage Online Video to Engage Readers, Drive Website Traffic and Differentiate Your Business (Video)

YouTube has been around for years and is without question one of the best video sharing sites. Getting your video message online is a terrific method of engaging readers, driving traffic to your website, and differentiating your business. It takes practice but the payoff can be significant. Topic Covered: Test and gain confidence (It’s all […] Read more »