Top 5 Reasons Not to Blog

top 5 reasons not to blog

I work with all types of businesses and I always recommend that my clients start a blog.  It is a bit selfish I suppose, because I find blogging fun and rewarding and secretly wish others would too.   But the fact is, in my experience, most people don’t want to blog. These are the top […] Read more »

3 Lessons on Blogging this Week

Start small and get over your fear of blogging

I had a great week meeting with several clients, all of whom are new to blogging or have a blog but still have yet to find their rhythm. It is not surprising that many people think blogging is either nerve-racking, a waste of time or difficult in terms of finding something to say. Add in […] Read more »

Don’t let the pursuit of perfection hold you back from execution

I was inspired by this post from Skellie on Have you ever spent so much time trying to do things like the experts do, to get everything right, that you found you ended up achieving nothing at all? via » Posts » The Real Reason Why You Never Did It. All too often […] Read more »