How to Build a Website to Host Your Podcast

Host my podcast with Wordpress

In most cases, you will need a website to host your podcast. I recommend you use WordPress. WordPress is one of the leading blogging platforms available that supports podcasting through the use of plugins that allow you to post your episodes and make them available on iTunes if you want. Download the PDF version of […] Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to use the Catalyst WordPress Theme Framework for your Blog

catalyst wordpress theme

I’ve been customizing WordPress themes and creating my own themes from scratch since 2006.  Nonetheless, there are a number of great Wordrpess themes available from both WordPress and other 3rd party developers. My favorite WordPress theme, however, is the Catalyst WordPress theme.  I’ve used Thesis on a number of projects and really love it too, […] Read more »

How to properly tag your images for search engine optimization

images for search engine optimization

Tagging your images for search engine optimization is a great tactic to drive more targeted traffic to your site. If your site is being indexed by Google, chances are your images will be indexed as well. I suggest you sign up for Google Webmaster Tools (free) just to make sure Google know you want your […] Read more »

Posting videos in your blog just got easy with WordPress version 2.9

For those of you familiar with WordPress, adding a video to a post has traditionally required one if not many plugins. With WordPress 2.9, you just simply drop in the url and publish.  WordPress does the rest! Here’s a quick video showing you how to embed video in WordPress 2.9: The following picture says it […] Read more »

How to Start an Effective Blog for Free (Video)

Blogging is a great way to create original content, engage with customers and find new prospects for your business, yet many business people still have yet to make the leap. In this video I discuss six essentials to start an effective blog for free. The myth is that blogging is difficult and expensive when in […] Read more »

Publish audio to WordPress post with iPhone via email (Audio)

This is a follow up to my previous post in which I surface a series of questions to consider when publishing audio to your blog or website. Publish Audio to Wordpres with iPhone UPDATE: Here are full details on How to post audio directly to WordPress from iPhone In this audio post I describe how […] Read more »

Blogging – Tools, Topics and Traffic (Audio)

In this audio post I discuss the benefits of blogging and strategies to easily get started. 001-blogging-101.mp3 Topics Discussed: What are some of the tools I can use to get started? What do I blog about – what should I say? How do I drive traffic and more readers? What are the benefits of blogging? […] Read more »

New Mobile WordPress Theme Activated with WpTouch

If you use WordPress, you might be interested in WpTouch, a great plugin which creates a customizable theme of your site for mobile devices. It’s plug-n-play out of the box, but also very simple to tweak based on your preferences. Here’s a screenshot of my blog, which took about 10 minutes to setup on WpTouch. […] Read more »