My New Video Introduction for New Site Media

keynote build for custom video introduction

I do a lot of video – some for this blog and some for my company at New Site Media.  I’ve tried a variety of video introductions using some of the preconfigured transitions in iMovie but thought it was time to get a little creative and make my own from scratch.  I considered using Fiverr […] Read more »

My first blog post from the iPad 3G

So, I’ve had my iPad 3G for a couple hours and thought it was only appropriate to kick things off with a blog post using the WordPress app. Actually I already posted a couple videos on YouTube, including the Fedex delivery man dropping off my iPad and another video of the all important unboxing. I’m […] Read more »

Create Video Content to Engage Your Readers Online

Creating videos to engage your readers is a great tactic you should consider if you manage a blog or would like to take your online communications strategy to the next level. Publishing online video has vastly improved over the years and for a minimal investment you can easily shoot, upload and share video on the […] Read more »

A popular subject – How to Podcast from your Mac

Based on the traffic, comments, and backlinks I’m seeing, my series on how to podcast from your Mac is relatively popular.  The numbers aren’t staggering but nearly 1000 visitors have come here to learn exactly how this all works. So, here’s a summary of where we are in the series and what’s next. Part I […] Read more »

The Future of the URL Shortener and All Those Links We Are Creating

Everyone is getting into the URL shortening game these days. Google, YouTube, and Facebook are just a few joining the likes of the established players such as And now Microsoft is jumping in. But there’s something weird about their URL. via Bing’s URL Shortener Is Longer Than Bing’s Own Domain. Seems like every […] Read more »

Leverage Online Video to Engage Readers, Drive Website Traffic and Differentiate Your Business (Video)

YouTube has been around for years and is without question one of the best video sharing sites. Getting your video message online is a terrific method of engaging readers, driving traffic to your website, and differentiating your business. It takes practice but the payoff can be significant. Topic Covered: Test and gain confidence (It’s all […] Read more »

Optimizing YouTube Videos for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the second most searched site on the Internet, next to Google, so you might conclude that it is the second largest search engine. It so happens that Google owns YouTube so the implications are something to be well understood and taken seriously as YouTube relates to your Internet Marketing strategy. As the largest […] Read more »