The Advantages of Using Google Plus for Business

I really like Google Plus.  It’s similar enough to Facebook and a little like Twitter but delivers a much cleaner layout and some terrific features that I’m finding very useful.

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Here are 3 Advantages of Using Plus for Business (vs. Facebook and Twitter)

  1. Google Hangouts is a fantastic new way to conduct a video conference online for free.  You can invite up to 10 people including yourself and keep the meeting going for hours without cost.  Whomever is talking gets their video showcased in the conference call while other participants are shown in a row along the bottom of the screen.  The system is very responsive and the audio video quality is fine.
  2. Google Circles allows you to categorize people that follow you on Google Plus into groups called Circles.  You could have Circles for friends, coworkers, customers, business partners, prospects, pundits, and so on.  Once established, you can select which Circle(s) can see your individual posts.  For example, you might want to share a new product feature with prospects and a customer service announcement with current customers.
  3. Google Pages were announced in November and allow Google Plus users to set up a special Google Plus Page for their business.  Since we are already seeing Google Plus content in Google search results, this is a great way to get your brand in front of general Google Search users.  Functionally speaking Google Plus user Profiles and Pages are very similar.  You cannot, however, put people in your Google Page Circles until they first connect with your business Page.  I’m sure this will all change over time.

I encourage businesses to get on Google Plus now to secure their start date.  Google usually uses domain age as a variable in Google Page Rank and it’s to your benefit to get in early.

What do you think about Google Plus?  I love it – here’s a link to my Google Plus Profile.

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