Top 5 Facebook User Activities on an Average Day

Facebook activities statistics on an average dayA recent white paper from the Pew Research Center illustrates that Users Liking another users’s content is the most common behavior on Facebook.  Here’s a detailed breakdown . . .

On Facebook on an average day:

  • 15% of Facebook users update their own status.
  • 22% comment on another’s post or status.
  • 20% comment on another user’s photos.
  • 26% “Like” another user’s content.
  • 10% send another user a private message

This is pretty important data if you’re in the Facebook marketing game.

For starters, you might conclude that Facebook users generally prefer to be on the recieving end.  Liking is a single click activity and it’s the most common behavior.  Next time your boss asks why so few people comment on your Facebook Page, show him this data.

The second takeway is common sense really . . .

  1. those who post content on Facebook stand out
  2. those who post the best content get more Likes
  3. those who post more of the best content, get the most Likes

What’s your Facebook marketing strategy?  Is your Facebook Page getting the attention it deserves?  What can you change to leverage this user behavior data and differentiate your business?

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