Top 5 Reasons to use the Catalyst WordPress Theme Framework for your Blog

catalyst wordpress themeI’ve been customizing WordPress themes and creating my own themes from scratch since 2006.  Nonetheless, there are a number of great Wordrpess themes available from both WordPress and other 3rd party developers.

My favorite WordPress theme, however, is the Catalyst WordPress theme.  I’ve used Thesis on a number of projects and really love it too, but Catalyst is really in a different league altogether.

Here are my top 5 reason to choose Catalyst:

1. The Catalyst WordPress theme is extremely customizable.  Weather you want a simple, minimalistic theme for your blog or a very robust, complex theme, Catalyst can handle it.  Out of the box, Catalyst comes loaded with over 800 customizable variables, including font choice, font colors, margins, padding, excerpt lengths, author settings, homepage boxes, and more. The beauty is that the settings go deep into very specific sections of your site for that professional customized look and feel.

2. The Catalyst WordPress theme allows you to create multiple, customized sidebars. Most theme only allow you to create one or two sets of sidebars for your blog and they’re usually in a fixed position throughout all pages and posts on the site.  With Catalyst you can have completely different sidebar configurations and content for different sections of your site.  You might want no sidebar on the homepage, a single sidebar on static pages and double sidebars on blog posts and pages.  And maybe you want a unique sidebar for each category archive page.  Catalyst offers the flexibility to handle this and let me tell you … it’s very cool!

3. The Catalyst WordPress theme has custom WordPress hooks integrated into the admin.  Most WordPress users (and developers for that matter) do not fully understand the advanced functionality available with the use of WordPress hooks.  Think of these as positions throughout the WordPress framework where you can insert code as needed.  Most plugins use hooks to embed code in your blog.  For example, you might want to add some social media icons after the title of every blog posts.  Using Catalyst WordPress Hooks makes this process a breeze, since you can do it right within the Advanced settings control panel.

4. The Catalyst WordPress theme has an amazing front end CSS editor – something I’ve never seen anywhere else.  This basically allows you to point and click to select areas of your content, add additional CSS formatting and save it to your custom CSS file.  This is a real life saver if you have limited PHP and CSS programming experience.  And for those of us that are proficient at CSS and PHP … all I can say is Wow!

5. The Catalyst WordPress theme has a knowledgable and supportive development community.  Unlike other themes, the forums at Catalyst are lively and full of helpful content.  The owner and primary developer, Eric Hamm, is often in the mix providing helpful advice and support on a daily basis.  More experienced Catalyst users are often helping new folks and I find it’s relatively easy to find answers to any questions that come up throughout the learning process.

Obviously, I strongly believe in Catalyst … it’s like no other theme I’ve ever used before.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.


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  • Ronnopiano

    I’ve been looking at Catalyst and Headway, but must admit I’m not a big fan of subscription plans so Catalyst it is!

  • I haven’t used Headway yet, but have checked out some of the demos.