Try Facebook Sponsored Stories instead of traditional Facebook Ads

Facebook AdsBy now, you have probably heard about, seen, or tried Facebook Ads. Just login to Facebook – they’re the stuff on the right side of the screen. If you’re trying to market something on Facebook, Facebook Ads are a great and very popular means with which to get your brand in front of millions of potential customers and fans.

Over the years, Facebook Ads setup options have remained relatively the same. That’s changed with the introduction of Facebook “Sponsored Stories.” Basically, this option gives you the ability to “Sponsor” a recent Facebook post on your target market’s feed, as a targeted story along the right sidebar.

Facebook Ads Sponsored StoriesI’ve found the best results by targeting friends of my Page’s fans. So if John Smith is a fan, my Story or Post shows up on his personal friend’s Facebook page. The hook is that below the Story it says “John Smith like this” and there a handy Like button included. This takes advantage of the social connections on Facebook rather than just serving up anonymous Ads. Plus, as you ad new posts to you Facebook Page, the Sponsored Stories change, so the Ads really never look the same.

In my recent experience, Sponsored Stories cost the same as traditional Ads and results are 100% better. For example, I ran a test yesterday to 40,000 people. The traditional ad got zero clicks, while the Sponsored Stories got 66 clicks – 100% of which where “Social” in nature.

To set up Facebook Ad, head over to or just click below and click Create an Ad. Enjoy!
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