Twitter Search RSS Feeds to Find Customers and Blog Content (Video)

In this video I show you how to use Twitter Search to find people in your niche, answer questions, and find new content for your next blog post.

In particular I illustrate how to:

  • search twitter for leading indicators of questions
  • use exact phrase match to narrow in on the right tweets
  • save the RSS feeds to your RSS aggregator
  • leverage Twitter questions to build your following, knowledge, and business

UPDATE: if you want to exclude Tweets that include links, simply add -http to your search.  This will weed out Tweets that look like user questions but are potentially links to an answer of some sort.  Here’s an example:

Filter Twitter Search Results

I hope you found this useful.  I know it’s been a great approach for me.

You else do you conduct real-time online market research?  What other techniques can you share that work?

Please leave a comment below or on Twitter @steinarknutsen.


  • david365

    Thanks Steinar this sounds useful – especially the add on about -http. I'm off to give it a try (and a retweet!)

  • Thanks David for your comment and retweet! It's a great tactic that's helped me engage with inquiring minds within my niche 🙂