Two killer Facebook Page strategies to target specific users. This is good stuff!!!

Facebook Pages are a great way to engage your target market online and here are two great tactics to more specifically target individual users or groups within your niche.

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Mentions in Facebook Page Updates

Mentioning others in your Facebook Page updates is a great way to gain significant exposure for  your page.  If the other Page’s setting include “Others” then your update will appear on their Page.  Why is this so special?  Because most folks don’t know this is possible and simply put comments on other Pages’ Walls using their personal profile – not good if your running a business Facebook Page marketing campaign.

1. Become a Fan or Like another page in which you would like to get some exposure

2. In your Facebook Page update use the “@” symbol and pick the name of that Page (or individual) from the dropdown menu that appears

Facebook Page Mentions to Drive Exposure to Other Users

3. Write something flattering or worthy of sharing.  You do not want to spam the other Page.  If you write something nice that their followers find valuable then it’s a win-win situation.

4. Depending on the setup used by the target Page, your update will either appear directly on their Wall or in a hidden portion of their Wall.  To see posts by “others” click on the “filter” link at the top of the Wall.

Geo-targeting in Facebook Page Updates

Geo-targeting is great if you have a broad audience but would only like to speak to a specific portion.  For example, you may have a shipping offer only good in the US or a discount only for Chicago residents.  Facebook lets you specify who will see you update based on location and language.  Very powerful stuff!

To do this simply select the “Custom”  link in the lower right hand corner of the update field next to the Share button.  Input your Location and/or Language criteria and that’s it.  Enjoy!

Geo Targeting Users with Facebook Page Updates

Geo tag users or other Pages in Facebook Page Updates

Any other tips you have for targeting specific users with Facebook Pages?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Steinar,

    The above is very good…gonna take the time to absorb it and give it a try. Thanks for sharing..I for one did not know the Facebook Page info and was commenting on the wall from my personal Facebook. Thanks again….Tom

  • Thanks Tom – It’s these little tricks that can make all the difference!!

  • Hi Steiner. Excellent advice here. Great meeting you earlier this week.

  • Thanks Debbie!