Video: Episode 2 – Blogging for Business – Establishing the Direction for Your Blog

In this video I discuss establishing a direction for your blog. It’s important up front to think about the following elements of a sound foundation:

1) Target Audience. Who are you speaking to, who is your ideal reader, and what are their habits for consuming content online? Are they men, women, young, old? Do they want detailed information or are they looking for quick answers? Do they spend a lot of time online, such as regular Facebook users? Answering these questions early will help position your blog for success.

2) Monetization. Blogs are a great platform to sell products either directly or indirectly. Things to consider include how you’ll actually facilitate the selling process. Will you host the ecommerce platform within your site or use third party tools to enable the selling process. Blogging takes time, so think about the sales funnel and how your blog can help drive sales.

3) Branding. How will your blog support and reinforce your branding both on and offline. How will your theme reinforce your brand? How does your messaging help build your brand?

Taking these three elements into consideration will help build a solid foundation for establishing the right direction for your blog.

In the next video, we’ll discuss effective planning for your blog.

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