Video: Episode 3 Blogging for Business – Effective Blog Planning

In the previous episode, I discussed establishing the direction for your blog.  In this video we discuss the importance of effective blog planning to get you started on the right foot.

The first issue is the name of your blog including, your industry, your competition and your domain name. Try checking out to see what’s available. Also, try a brainstorming exercise to think of all the possible combination of keywords you could use to name your blog.

The second consideration in planning is think about what topics you’re going to discuss on your blog. I recommend you start out with a pretty well defined niche and broaden from there, rather than trying to boil the ocean. The more focused your topics are the more likely you are to draw in and retain readers. It’s OK to get off-topic periodically as long as it somehow ties back into the main theme of your blog. A good place to start is to ask yourself “what are the five questions people always ask me and what are the five questions people should be asking me?”

Third, is the frequency. How often are you going to update your blog. How much time and energy to you have. What can your audience tolerate? If they’re used to consuming content on a weekly basis, don’t try to overwhelm them a daily blog post. Find a frequency that matches both your capacity and your readers’ expectations.

Fourth, is your style or voice. This takes time to develop, but consider how your audience will react to how you present yourself and what you say. Are you going to take a serious, formal approach or something more casual? What types of media are you going to share on your blog – text, images, video, audio? How will your style differentiate your blog and reinforce your message? We all have different teaching and learning style so try to identify what makes you comfortable and serves as an effective communication style for your audience.

In our next video, we’ll discuss search engine optimization for your blog at a high level.

What do you think? Are these helpful tips for blog planning? What questions do you have?

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