Video Marketing for Affiliate Program Marketing

Online video is everywhere thanks to YouTube, increased bandwidth and the proliferation of smart phones & compact video recorders. It’s succeeding because at the end of the day people prefer to watch content online as a form of entertainment rather than read. It just seems more natural.

To get started, sign up for a YouTube account and get a video camera, like the Flip Mino HD, Kodak zi10 or Sony Bloggie. With a tripod, either speak directly into the camera about your product or focus on the product itself and shoot a demonstration type video. The point is to connect with the viewer, show that you’re a real person and convey the features and benefits on your product.

If you’re not comfortable putting your face on the screen or don’t have a camera, there are some other options. One option is to use to record a screencast video of your product in action. If you don’t have the physical product on hand, you could just shoot and informational video about your product.

For example, you could write a blog post about your product and then record a video of of that blog post with some narration. A one minute video of this type is sufficient. Record a few versions and see which one does best. is great because 1) it’s free 2) there’s no software to install and 3) it will publish directly to YouTube. It’s limited however because you can only record 5 minutes of video and there are no editing capabilities. If you need something more robust I recommend Screenflow for Mac or Camtasia for Windows.

If your promoting a software product video is really the best choice to show visitors how it works and what it does. In this case, you should do a series of videos covering the most popular features and answering the most obvious questions potential buyers might have. After you upload your video to YouTube, save them to a YouTube Playlist so it’s easier for viewers to watch all the videos and follow your train of thought.

Once you get proficient at shooting & uploading video, use a free service, such as TubeMogul, for mass distribution. This let’s you upload once and distribute to multiple video sites.

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

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