What is Podcasting and Why Is It Important for Your Business

In this video I discuss what podcasting is and why it’s important for your business. With the proliferation of mobile devices and the ease with which you can create and publish audio, podcasting is a great channel to promote your business and connect with your market.

What is Podcasting?

  • Portable on Demand Broadcasting
  • Netcasting
  • Regularly schedule content delivery
  • Audio / Video / Pdf’s
  • No min or max time requirements
  • iTunes and/or iPod not required

Why Podcasting is Important for Your Business

  • Mobile device proliferation
  • Differentiate your business
  • Add variety to your blog
  • Say more with less effort
  • Discuss topics at length
  • Interview others
  • Broaden market reach
  • Audio may be “easier” than video

Have you tried podcasting?  How’s that going for your business?

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