What materials or applications would you recommend for producing podcasts and YouTube videos?

Q: I am working to create a YouTube channel and weekly podcast; I have been requested to put together a list of necessary materials I will need in order to do this, both on a Mac and PC platform (e.g. lighting kit, editing software, etc.).  I’ve done this before, but wanted to see if anyone out there might have any specific recommendations I should be considering! via LinkedIn Answers

It depends on the context, but here is a sample of the equipment I use.

For high-definition, professional results I shoot with a Canon HG20, with either voice over or music or a USB mic. My mic of choice is the Samson Audio C01U.

For casual high-definition shoots, the Flip MinoHD could also work.

For video blog style, I use my Macbook Pro iSight, either with a mic or using the internal mic.

In all cases, I edit on my Macbook Pro with either iMovie (direct post to Youtube) or with Final Cut Express ($199).

Lighting can range from window light to $50 halogens from hardware store to professional lighting kits ranging from $50-$1000.

You can get started for a couple hundred bucks or go into the $1000’s depending on the quality desired.

Hope this helps.

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