Why Catalyst is Now My Favorite WordPress Theme Framework

If you use WordPress, it’s time you learned about the Catalyst Theme. This, in my opinion, is the best WordPress framework on the market right now – and I’ve tested many of them, including Thesis. Unlike a standard theme, Catalyst is extremely flexible and provides easy-to-use tools and functionality to create a highly customized theme for your blog.

Most themes require programming knowledge to customize. Catalyst has over 800 built-in options that customize your site. You can add multiple boxes to your homepage with the click of a button, or create custom sidebars that change depending on certain content types. Say you want to put a nice curved border around your page and increase the white-space around the body of your text – no problem, Catalyst can handle it.

Here’s a screenshot of the Navigation setting in the main theme’s dashboard. Notice that you can turn breadcrumbs on and off, including the language and symbols used. You can do the same with post meta data. This level of customization is consistent with the other functions available throughout the theme.

Catalyst WordPress Theme Core Options

In this screenshot, you can see just how many options there are to customize the content within your site. Change the font (including Google Fonts), set the colors, borders, background, images, etc. It’s just awesome how easy it is to create a very customized look in no time.

Catalyst Wordress Theme Dynamik Options

In the Catalyst Advanced Options, you can take WordPress to a new level with custom layouts, widgets and css. Say you want a certain layout for your portfolio page – something different that your main blog page or contact pages. Catalyst allows you to define various layouts and assign multiple widgets to these layouts. The possibilities are unlimited considering the number of different combinations you could create.

Catalyst Wordress Theme Advanced Options
Personally, I’ll be using Catalyst a lot more these days. I’ve been using Thesis, but now Thesis seems a bit out of date.

What do you think of Catalyst? If you’ve tried it what are your thoughts?

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