3 Reasons Why You Should Blog

reasons to blogBelieve it or not, some businesses spend a lot of money building fancy websites and pay-per-click advertising network but still do not blog.  This might not be such a bad thing if they have endless financial resources but for those looking for a long-term position in search engines and influence online, there are several reasons to blog.

Blogging helps your business in several ways:

1. Sharing your Knowledge. Blogging allows you to share relevant information online in a controlled environment.  We all have something to share and rather than repeat yourself each time you meet a new client, blogging is a great way to catalog your ideas and use them for future reference.  It also helps you organize your thoughts and stay up to date with the current trends within your niche.

2. Controlling Your Content. You own your blog so you are in control of how it is displayed and who can see or comment on your content.  It’s fine to post content on other sites, but at the end of the day those sites might go away, increase fees for access, or change the way they share information.

3. Driving Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines like websites that have fresh content on a regular basis.  Blogging enables you to easily update your content so it is consistently fresh.  Using keywords and other SEO techniques in your copy will also help drive search engine indexing.

That’s just three reasons to blog – there are many more.  What do you think?  If you’re not blogging, why?

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  • To so many people the connotation of the word “blog” or “blogging” is a hurdle. To some organizations that I work with, sports team and non-profits, a blog serves as an easy way to update fans, followers and supporters on whats new, what’s coming up and other insights such as interviews with key personnel, athletes and alumni.

  • So true Jim. Keep spreading the good word – blogging is a great way to connect with your market.