Why Would I Want a Facebook Page for my Business?

Facebook also has two unique sections that are of particular interest to businesses and organizations. One is Facebook Ads, a Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising network that serves ads to users based on their biographical listing information. The second is Facebook Pages, a place for users to create a separate profile page for their business, organization or special interest group.

Facebook Pages continue to improve and the latest round of enhancements present a terrific platform for you to connect with your market.  Similar to personal profiles, Pages enable you to post images, video and links that may be interesting to your readers.

You can post simple one line updates or launch an entire threaded discussion.  You can integrate Twitter updates to drive cross-platform traffic and even develop your own simple Facebook application for others to help spread your message.  You can also automatically import your blog’s RSS feed and customize your Facebook Page to appropriately reflect your brand image.

Some might wonder why you want a Facebook Page when you already have a website for your business and a Twitter profile.  The fact is, people consume information and choose to interact with others in different locations on the web.  Some prefer to search for information, others discuss topics on Twitter, and some rely on Facebook to connect.  There are literally hundreds of other Social Media platforms to consider as well.  The point is to be where your audience is and right now Facebook is definitely a place you need to consider.

Executed well, Facebook Pages can clearly increase your reach and engage customers.

Have you set up a Facebook Page for your company?  How’s that going?

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