Why Would I Want My Business on Facebook? Facebook Ads

Facebook also has two unique sections that are of particular interest to businesses and organizations. One is Facebook Ads, a Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising network that serves ads to users based on their biographical listing information. The second is Facebook Pages, a place for users to create a separate profile page for their business, organization or special interest group.

Facebook Ads are very simple to set up and basically include an image and some text with a link to any website you choose. There is a Facebook review team that approves each ad within 72 hours, so plan accordingly.

The real power of Facebook Ads is that you can laser target your audience to a degree unlike other PPC networks such as Google Adwords. When users initially sign up for Facebook they answer a series of questions about themselves. This might include location, age, gender, marital status, education, and interests.

Facebook Ads TargetingAll of this data can be used to target your ads. For example, you could launch an ad to single men, 35-40 in zip code 22911 who graduated from UVA. As you can imagine, this provides you with the ability to target different market segments and A/B test various ads quite easily.

A new feature allows for Facebook Ads on Facebook Pages and the ability to target friends of your fans! The stars are aligning!

Are you using Facebook Ads?  How are the results?  If not, when do you intend to try it out?

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