Year-to-Date Blog Traffic Sources Analysis Illustrates Content Distribution Strategy

I check Google Analytics a lot … probably more than most people … like a couple times a day.  It facinates me to see where traffic is coming from and what people are searching for on Google that drives them to my site(s).

My website traffic analyses are typically very in-depth, however I just wanted to share my traffic sources year-to-date for to illustrate a couple points.

traffic sources google analytics

Helpful Insights from 1st Quarter 2010 Traffic Sources

  • No surprise, Google is the 1st source of traffic.  I blog regularly and do a lot to drive SEO, so this makes sense.  Same goes for image search traffic (#15)
  • Good mix of social media traffic from Twitter (#3), Facebook (#6) and LinkedIn (#13).  I participate in all three of these networks regularly at the same level or mix with which I see incoming traffic.  This is by design.
  • A couple new media based sources, including YoutTube (#4) and podcastingnews (#9).  I optimize all my videos and have a couple podcasts on iTunes. picked me up from a video series I did on … podcasting!
  • I comment on other blogs everyday so that why I’m getting good traffic from industry niche sites like Mashable, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review.
  • My newsletter subscriber count is on the rise, but I only just started sharing info with them on a regular basis; hence, Aweber making the list (#14).

So what?

Well, what this tells me is that my strategy is working.  The strategy is to create original content in multiple formats that’s convenient for my readers to consume. Not surprisingly, most of my customers come from Google, Twitter and Facebook.  And yes, I’ve even met a client on YouTube!

What do your traffic sources look like?  Why and what does that tell you about your content distribution strategy?

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